just creepin’ on the downlow


[polarized sunnies: cotton on, earrings: asos, midriff: romwe, skirt: thrifted, clutch: red dot, databank watch: casio, gifted sandals: villains sf]

Midriffs remind me of two things I love: the Nineties, and Sex and the City.





You can also hype this look on lookbook.nu by clicking on this link 🙂
sex and the city

Take it from the girls of Sex and the City, belly-baring tops can work its way in to your wardrobe in all shapes and forms.90s

Midriffs from a few of my favorite babes in the 90’s: (L-R) Alicia Silverstone – Queen Cher herself; Drew Barrymore, Post Poison Ivy but still in the middle of her rebellious teenage ways; Kate Moss in all her waify glory; Versace Super Models; Gwen Stefani and her prerequisite crop tops; T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili ♥


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