kitschy beauty secrets


Thought of sharing with you guys my skin care and make up kit basics!P1080931

Let’s start with facial care. Until a year ago, my routine consisted of two things, wash my face with facial cleanser, dab with towel and that’s it. But that stops working as soon as you stop being a teenager. For a few months last year, I suffered with acne and it was horrible! It took me quite a while to find the right products to use for my skin type.

  1. Garnier Pure Active Multi Action Scrub My sister introduced me to this wonderful gem, and now every girl in our household uses this. I read somewhere that scrubs aren’t good for daily use but this one’s pretty gentle with the tiniest beads and so far has worked so well for me.
  2. Carmex My lips tend to dry when I haven’t drank enough water, then I end up picking on the dry scabs. I know, disgusting!! So I use Carmex when I’m not wearing lipstick, makes my lips so smooth, and chap free!
  3. Nars Make Up Remover This is perfect for girls with sensitive eyes. It even takes out stubborn gel liner and mascara.
  4. Cetaphil Moisturizer I finally learned to work moisturizer in to my routine, I use it daily before I go to bed and before applying make up.
  5. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion This works better for pesky “ripe” pimples. Apply it before going to bed after cleaning your face and trust me, it have dried the shit out of that pimple as soon as you wake up in the morning. There will still be a little spot but you can conceal it with concealer by then.
  6. Body Shop SeaWeed Pore Perfector I bought this on a whim when my sister sent me to the Body Shop to buy BB Cream for her. So far it helped minimize pores on my T-zone.
  7. Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll-On This works like magic for pimples that are just growing, or pimples that are growing inside the skin. It will only take a night or two to dry it out and to stop it from getting bigger.


Now for the good stuff! I’m sharing you the basic make up products that never leave my daily make up kit.

  1. Mac Sheertone Blush in Dollymix This is my favorite pink blush, it just gives you a natural flush with a little sparkle. Perfect for the no make up-make up look.
  2. Mac Eye Shadow in Carbon I always have this with me because I usually wear eyeliner on my eyes, rimmed or just the top lids. I use this with a short and stubby shadow brush to put on top of the gel liner to make the liner look a little less precise.
  3. Mac Prep + Prime Lip Use this before putting on lipstick to make it glide smoother and to make it last longer.
  4. Mac Studio Finish Powder Plus Foundation Obviously. This is a tried and tested classic. Mac’s formulation for their powder foundations is the best. It’s long wearing, and feels as light as wearing nothing!
  5. Mac Prep + Prime Skin Smoother Apply this after moisturizer and before applying concealer or foundation and it covers up tiny discolorations and smoothens skin. The only downside about this is that it doesn’t have any applicator so you have to use your fingers.
  6. Mac Eye Shadow in Espresso I use this for my eye brows.
  7. Mac Studio Finish Concealer Applied before foundation, this helps in evening out skin tone.
  8. Nars Blush in Torrid This is a more intense shade of peach, much more peachy than Orgasm. Love to use this in the beach!
  9. Tokidoki Kabuki Luminosa Sheer Highlighting Powder A friend gave this to me and it’s pretty wonderful! Since I live in the sunny Sunshine City of Laoag I usually always have a slight glow. So I like to brush this on the bony parts of my shoulders, and cheekbones.
  10. Kleenex Oil Blotter this absorbs less make up than other products, plus it ‘s purple ^_^
  11. Mac Viva Glam Nicki Intense neon pink that brightens up any day!
  12. Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre This works as base for eye shadow to make it last longer and to get the exact color you see on the pot, you can also use this as it is.
  13. Mac Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo This is by far my favorite red lipstick. It’s long wearing, the color adapts to every skin tone, and you can mix it with other colors. I dab a bit of this on top of Mac’s Pink Nouveu to get a natural reddish pink hue on my lips.
  14. Mac Lipstick in Diva Go-to dark lipstick! It’s a dark dark shade of brick red, almost brown. This thing has magic powers, once I apply it on my lips it actually does make me feel like a Diva. Haha!
  15. Mac Gel Liner in Blacktrack I’ve used every kind of eyeliner in the book, and this one’s the best. Pencil liner smudges too easily and liquid liner is a mess to use. Here’s a little secret to keep it longer. When you store your gel liners, make sure the cover is locked tightly and keep them upside down so air wont get it thus avoiding it to solidify.
  16. Foundation Brush from the Tokidoki Pittura Brush set 24k Edition I don’t usually have this with me really because it doesn’t fit in my daily make up kit, plus I only use foundation for events but keep it for emergencies. But I just wanted to point out that of all the big brushes I used, this is the only one that rarely gets any fall outs. Plus it’s unbelievably soft to the touch!

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