daylight in your eyes

P1090852P1090864 P1090867

[sunglasses: vintage ray ban, top: romwe, dolphin shorts, bag: rebecca minkoff, flats: romwe] 

This is my take on Marnie’s slutty waitress outfit! If you don’t know what that is then you need to tune in to Girls on HBO stat. Lena Dunham is just effing brilliant!!P1090806 P1090809

Too hot in LA this weekend, perfect for strolling down Pasadena in the softest shorts ever! Hope you guys had a great weekend! P1090819

Mother’s Day is coming up! Are you eyeing anything yet for your mom? photo image001_zpsbd83ef6d.jpg

I share the same clothes as my mom, and surprisingly she makes it age appropriate for her. So I think the best gift to give your mom is something you can borrow as well so it’s basically hitting two birds with one stone :p

Check Romwe’s best mother’s day deals:

Up to 70% off and a mystery gift!


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