the 4 men in my life

I’m in love with 4 guys.

My best friend – We laugh at the silliest things, share inside jokes, bond through our love of food, music, movies and pop culture. He reads my writing, and supports my work. We are each others biggest fans. He’s a dork with his cheesy jokes, and a sarcastic asshole sometimes, I can’t get enough of his quick and witty comebacks. There’s never a dull moment with him. He knows every little thing about me, not because I tell him, but because he always pays attention. There’s a different kind of love when it’s based off friendship, because you support and listen to each other and share a bond together that can get past just feelings.

The one that got away – I am forever infatuated by the one guy that I lost at one point in my life. He left me wondering what might have been. All these years, he left me thinking about him, fighting the urge to ask mutual friends how he’s been doing, googling his name every now and then. He’s the one I’ve always wanted, but for some reason timing couldn’t make it happen for the both of us.

My true love – You know it’s true, when love feels like it’s overflowing. It feels intense, and passionate. It’s when you’re willing to overlook everything. Once it hits you, every decision you make from then on, leads to how you can make YOU TWO happen. He makes me feel loved and adored. He makes me feel secure and protected. He makes every day better and generally makes me a better person. My true love has made me happier, laugh harder, love more and fear less.

My soul mate – I share a deep connection with my soul mate. We’re similar in areas where it matters and our compatibility eventually shapes who we become in the long run. He’s the one who gets me, but he’s also the one who teaches me things and makes me come out of my shell, and helps me find who I really am. We learned to love each others flaws, and make our imperfections one of the reasons why we find each other perfect. He loves me for who I am, and we accept all the amazing things, and bad things about each other. No one understands me quite like he does.

When I lost you, I thought that was what you will ever be, a memory of someone that could have been perfect for me – a person that will remain in the past. I don’t know how you did it, but you found your way back into my life again 🙂 More than being a lover, we managed to build a friendship that has endured 9 years. Distance, and lost time did not ruin that. We laugh at each others mistakes, laugh at the stupid videos we share with each other and get to feel nostalgic with the music we listen to. I’ve never felt more comfortable with anyone than I do with you. You are the truest of loves. You have made me happier, have made me sleep better at nights, and look forward to every morning. Our love always feels new and we’re always so crazy for each other. We are passionate about each other yet it never feels suffocating. Everything feels so natural. It amazes me how we don’t even need to say anything, and we can already tell what the other person’s thinking. You and I – we’re kindred spirits. We’re not necessarily the missing piece of each others puzzles, but we compliment each other. We’re inseparable, mentally and emotionally. No words can explain what I feel for you, I can tell you I love you over and over again and it will never be enough.

I am beyond thankful, I found my best friend, the one I cant live without, my true love and my soul mate. Thank you for being all of that to me, and more.



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