Ericke VS Vanessa Aristide – The Girl Behind Funky Accessory Brand: Craft Ur Day

Few months ago, I received the cutest fringe armlet from an Etsy Store called Craft Ur Day (see old post here). These hand made armbands gave way to an online friendship with the designer – Vanessa Aristide. We started talking before I was supposed to go to Outside Lands in San Francisco and figured, aside from funky accessories, this girl and I share the same taste in music too! We’ve been friends on all our social media’s ever since.

She’s also the one who inspired me to start interviewing people for my blog, so I thought it would be fitting to pop my monthly “Ericke VS…” blog section-cherry with this lovely lady.

Read about how this entrepreneur and travel junkie stands out.

Tell me about Crafturday

I’ve always loved making wearable creations. I’m super into fringe, and the way it moves while you’re dancing or swaying. Upper arm cuffs have always been really cool to me, my mom has some from the 70s so they’re kind of retro. It just clicked in my head one day– fringe armbands (dubbed fringlets). They’re perfect for festivals or a night out, and a unique new way to wear an accessory. I’m all about standing out, subtly 😉

Pix 1

So, what’s your typical day at work?

It really varies from day to day! Usually my morning starts off with a blog post (, check it out :P) and then following up on emails! I’m doing a lot of outreach these days really trying to get the word out about my brand and blog. The afternoons are usually spent updating my Etsy, doing research about upcoming venues to sell at, and sometimes errands! Not too glam haha

How do you describe the fashion scene in the city you live in compared to other cities?

I live just outside of San Francisco, but for the sake of boring you all about suburbia, I’m going to talk about SF haha. Layering and bundling are essentials there. The weather in SF is usual colder and overcast, so carrying an extra sweater with you at all times is crucial. I like to wear leggings and an oversized sweater when I head up there– cute and comfy!

What do you love about San Francisco?

SF is such a wonderful, vibrant city. It’s full of culture. I love how you can walk a mile or two and end up in a different neighborhood. I love the food options, the touristy options, the hiking options– all of it.

Pix 5

Where do you get inspiration from when designing accessories?

Ahhhh everywhere! I get a lot when I go to mass retailers(like H&M and F21) as well as smaller boutiques. I love discovering new labels and their new takes on trends. Seeing people on the street and at festivals is great as well. And then there’s always blogs! Definite inspo.

What do you splurge on?

Events and travel. I love buying clothes, but I’m happy with thrift store finds or cheaper pieces. Clothing is constantly changing, so I don’t invest too much in it. Buying tickets to travel and experience new things, nice dinners, shows, etc is most worth it to me!

What’s on your playlist right now?

Haha I’m listening to Spotify right now actually…I’ve been listening to Grimes on repeat for a while. Her songs are so
upbeat and fun. Like 80s dance music. You should check her out, she’s awesome!

Pix 4

Grimes is my favorite!! I love how quirky her music is. Speaking of quirks, what are yours?

I love hot drinks. I especially love any sort of seasonal drink, like pumpkin spice, gingerbread, and eggnog (lattes). Hot chocolates my fav.

Pix 3

Are you a less is more or an “excessorize” type of person?

OOhh a definite accessory person. I love picking up jewels and different types of accessories. I love creative new ways to wear significant pieces of jewelry. Jewelry has always held a lot of meaning to me.

How would you describe your style?

On the day to day, very laid-back. I like to be comfy haha. My go-to outfit is skinny jeans and a loose baggy top with lots of jewelry. So I guess you could say bohemian/eclectic?

What do you want to ask the next person I’m interviewing?

What’re your favorite starburst flavors from the original pack, favorite to least favorite?

Shop and read about Vanessa’s daily adventures at:


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