Ericke VS Rawtek

This month, I’m so excited to interview the Los Angeles-based DJ duo: Rawtek. They’re young, definite eye candies, extremely talented and they make amazing music you just can’t help but dance to.

Levi and Daniel are artists that also create magic in different platforms like painting and drawing, and I personally think their eclecticism is pretty evident in their music. Read more into the process and progress of these emerging talents.


How do you get in the zone for a performance?

A pineapple, 3 shots of vodka, half of a pepperoni and a spicy chicken sandwich from Carls Jr.

When did you feel that music was your passion? Like it was what you were meant to do?

We were deep in the forrest with a native american shaman. This great shaman showed us a vision. This unexplainable vision has engulfed our thought processes and caused us to be absolutely infatuated with learning to know and create music in it’s most beautiful and lively forms.


5 year plan?

No body knows. Hopefully headline a massive festival deep within the south american jungle. And I mean deep.

If you could create a super group out of any musicians living or dead, who would you put in your group?

I don’t know about a super group, but we do have many influences and inspirations from all genres of music. To limit to one group would cause the sound to be absolutely vast. All the different emotions and styles brought into the productions would be beautifully interesting.


Why the name “Rawtek”?

I’ll just say these words, Raw. Drunk. Ilocano.

Tell me about your new song

Our most recent release was an electro house remix of FYOR’s single, titled “Merica.” We will be releasing a lot of new productions and possibly a new EP in the near future, ranging from house, jungle house, trap, & experimental hip-hop.


Where can we find your stuff?

instagram: @rawtekofficial


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