keep on keeping on

I don’t do Year in Review’s. I don’t think my life is interesting enough for me to bore you with every little detail that has ever happened to me in one post. I like to think my opinions, random rants and rambles are more entertaining. Though I can be vain enough to share thousands of pictures with netizens, I dont like talking too much about myself.


But if anything, I think for me, 2013 has been the most significant year and that it’s really one worth sharing with you, my readers who still surprisingly (you know, surprisinglyyyy) read my blog even with my lack of updates.






I spent most of my teenage life in the province of Ilocos Norte, where the most exciting thing that happens is the annual Holy Weekend – where everyone gathers on the white shores of Pagudpud, and where nightlife basically means drinking San Mig Light and Red Horse on some street corner. There’s only 1 real mall in the province, 1 legit coffee shop and maybe just about 5 restaurants that have been operating more than 5 years in my little city. The province is so small everyone knows everyone, and gossip spreads like wildfire in less than 10 minutes from when the rumor started. I didn’t go to a fancy university in the metro because I liked living near the beach, never having to worry about getting my car stolen if I don’t lock it and I relished being 5 minutes away from everything.


This time last year, I was unsure of what I wanted to do and what kind of adult I wanted to become. I’ve been so used to just going along for the ride that I have forgotten how to take control of my own life. Like an ideal Asian daughter, I had a bachelors degree in Nursing from a small school in Ilocos. Without a license to practice, I took the new California Board of Nursing rules as a sign, that maybe that career path really is not for me, at least not at this time.


2013 was a whole lot of new beginnings (no not in the cliche “new year, new beginnings” kind of way). I resigned from my first real job that has taught me so much about marketing and advertising. Also, early in the year I ended my 4 year relationship. Eventually you realize what you really want, what you really deserve and you get to the point where you finally start thinking with your head and not with your heart. I wouldn’t go as far as “I had an epiphany”, but I grew up, and I wanted bigger and better things for myself.


Early February I moved away from my home to move back to Los Angeles, without any idea what my next step should be. Just 2 weeks after, I got interviewed for an entry level job at a badass LA-based marketing company (no really, badass is part of our slogan) and immediately, by March I started working as a Marketing Associate. As soon as I started earning more and more, I’ve spoiled my family silly – and no new designer purse or new top of the line gadget can ever feel as gratifying as finally being able to help your family.





Distance took my family, my close friends, and later on even the love of my life far from me. But in a way, I’ve never felt closer to them. Through my independence, I’ve come to know all the people that matter to me and made me put more effort into keeping those relationships.

bffs friends LA famimage1


The whole summer of 2013 was spent with new people, making new friendships and experiencing new things. I felt like I wanted to experience everything I could, and bask on my new found freedom.




Before the year ended, I was promoted to Director of Marketing. I am so blessed to be able to work at a place where I get to exchange thoughts and train with amazing and creative people, in such a positive environment. No I don’t have a related degree, nor did I go to a big school and my family has no connections here whatsoever. The only foundation I have, is charm and the gift of gab….oh and yeah, hard work, a strong sense of self and my eagerness to keep learning helped me a lot too.


I really hope you guys had a great year like I did, and wish you an even better 2014 🙂 I shall try blogging more now, I promise :p

Thanks for reading my blog, and an even bigger thank you to those who have stuck with Surprisingly Kitsch since its birth in 2009 🙂


“…ramble on, keep on keeping on, but most of all, rock on.” – That 70’s Show


2 thoughts on “keep on keeping on

  1. Wow you had an amazing year !! I wish you all the best for 2014 ! I’ve just discovered your blog through and I love your style !
    You are so lucky to work at a place you like, I hope i’l find a job in 2014 (I studied marketing) !
    You are really inspiring.

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