Beauty Faves 2/3: Eyes

We’re done with the face, now it’s time for the eyes. This has to be the longest one out of the 3!


  • Naked Palette 3 – this is a very rosy pink palette. I received this as a Christmas gift from my friends last year. I was scared it wouldn’t look very good on my asian skin tone and I don’t know, maybe it’s because I have light brown hair but it works. I always reach for this when I don’t want to look too made up like for work or for hot sunny days.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Stars N’ Rockets – On the eyes, this shadow looks like a metallic violet color on it’s own, but it has blue, silver and pink sparkles that almost looks like a hologram on the pot. It has so much going on that if you mix it with other colors, it transformers into unique shades.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Jealousy Wakes – This is the most beautiful green I’ve ever seen. It’s like a glittery emerald green, but sea foam green at the same time.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Night Divine – I use this for the inner corners of my eyes every time I do dark smokey eyes.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Trax – this is like a mauve color with gold sparkles, I usually wear this on it’s own with just black eyeliner.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Blue Flame – I love dark blue eye shadow, and Blue Flame is so great for doing blue smokey eyes with a little silver, and black.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Espresso – This is the most helpful eye shadow color you can ever have, I use it for my eyebrows, lids, and you can also use this to contour small areas.
  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Polyester Bride – The name is very fitting because looking at the pot, it reminds me of a glittery wedding dress. It’s a sheer kind of white with big silver sparkles, I love to use this on the brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Electric Eel – My little brother Brandon (who rarely compliments me btw) loves this on my eyes, he said it makes my eyes pop. It’s the kind of blue that Barbie wears, it’s so bright that it makes the white part of my eyes even whiter and makes my eyes bigger.
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 – This is my favorite between the 2 UD eye palette’s I have, it’s very versatile and it can be the only eye shadow you bring for when you travel. All the colors in this palette covers whatever you need for day or night, for a smokey eye, for accentuating your creases, for highlighting or contouring your nose line.

Creme Based

  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer – before trying this primer, I thought it was just another thing brands wanted us to spend our money on when my concealer was already doing an okay job setting my eye shadow. I tried it, and I saw how much it made the colors more bold, and helped them last a very long time and never put eye shadow without it ever since.
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack – I never put on eye make up without this. I use it with an angled eyeliner brush and it lasts forever, even when you get super sweaty from all the dancing trust me, it does not come off.
  • MAC Paint Pot  in Bare Study – when you want to travel light, and you’re going to a place where you only want to look naturally radiant, like it’s just you and the sun that’s giving you a natural glow, take a peach blush, mascara, lip balm and this. This is all you need for your eyes. It works as a great primer for sparkly eye shadow too.
  • MAC Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee – I love mixing this with silvers, and dark eye shadow colors. It’s like a sparkly gray color that’s really great for nights out.

Next up is my favorite lipsticks!!


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