Beauty Faves 3/3: Lips

There’s something about new lipsticks, the smell, the very neat box, the feel of the brand new packaging in your hands. Admit it, everytime we discover/purchase new lipsticks we feel like a brand new girl!lipsLipsticks

  • MAC Ruby Woo – this is a bright blue-based red that goes with any skin tone. It’s the most matte lipstick out of all the matte line for some reason, I have really big teeth, and I’m so prone to getting lipstick on my 2 front teeth, but not with Ruby Woo. Lipsticks in a matte finish usually dried up the lips so much, but this doesn’t. All in all, it’s a great color, has great texture, and stays in your lips for a very long time.
  • MAC Lady Danger – This is my favorite red orange lipstick. If you want to wear a bold lip color to the beach, this is your go to lippie. It’s bold, but not over powering.
  • MAC Heroine – the most wearable dark purple ever! Sometimes I mix this with my Make Up Forever’s Color 48 – a very dark red and it turns into this beautiful dark plum.
  • MAC Relentlessly Red – This is my favorite red for spring!!!! It’s like a bold hot pink and red mix that just goes with anything.
  • Nars Schiap – The brightest pink lipstick I own! This smells so good and fades into a light pink that still looks like you intentionally made it look that way. Great for light blue eye shadows.
  • MAC Diva – Hands down my favorite dark red lipstick. There’s really nothing much to say except that this is perfect, and it’s a must have red lipstick.
  • YSL Volupte in Caress Pink – I stay away from creamy lipsticks  because they tend to feather out or fade into almost nothing but YSL’s Volupte line is amazing!!! They’re super hydrating, shiny without being glittery. I have the peachy pink too but I think caress pink is my favorite.
  • MAC Candy Yum Yum – I always get compliments every time I have this on, I use it with really blue eye shadow and it makes me feel like a total girly girl. It’s a matte pink that stays without feathering out.

Lip Liners

  • MAC Lip Liner in High Energy – Use this to transform red into red-orange. Just make sure you blend the lipstick really well with a lip liner and you can turn any red lipstick you have on hand look like MAC’s Lady Danger!
  • MAC Lip Liner in Night Moth – This lip liner is so helpful! I line my lips with night moth when I want to make my Diva lipstick look even darker. I originally bought this to use with my cyber but I found out that you can use this to turn sheer lipsticks more matte, by applying it under


  • Carmex – under my lipsticks all day, every day. I use this before going to bed as well to keep my lips from being chappy in the morning.
  • MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF15 in Fuchsia Fix – this protects your lips while giving it a very nice healthy pink glow.

Thank you for reading my 3 part beauty series fellow make up junkies!


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