Ericke VS Their Wedding


Their Wedding paved its way to the LA indie scene bringing honesty, heart felt and to-the-point lyrics back to music.

I am no music critic, and this is not a music blog, so I think the best way for me to talk about this band, is how their music makes me feel. Their EP aptly called Take, feels nostalgic, somber yet very hopeful. I for one am too excited for their upcoming single to be released on the 14th of April.

I sat down and talked to them about their inspiration, future plans and what makes the band tick.


ET: Why Their Wedding?

Mike: When I asked Al to join the band back in 2013 we were attending A LOT of weddings. I always liked the idea that the weddings were always THEIR wedding and not YOUR wedding. There’s something very interesting about that. We also wanted to make our name impossible to find on google, because we’re jerks like that.

Al: 2013 was the year of weddings including my own. It’s slightly ridiculous how many weddings, Mike, Celese, and I went to and got rip roaring drunk at and made inappropriate speeches. 2013 was not only the year of weddings but a year where mike and my music career and friendships took an interesting turn and became something different. And I think our band name somewhat signifies that.

Celese: I think Mike thought it was an appropriate name
for this time in his life and the beginning of something new.

ET: Do people think you’re just a wedding band?

Mike: No, a lot of the time people think we’re a band that goes by the name The Wedding. But it would be interesting for us to play a wedding. That way we can say, “Their Wedding to play their wedding!”

Al: I don’t think anyone thinks we’re a wedding band they mostly make fun of what “their” they would use. Like “there” or “they’re” or even pluralizing our band name. If anything we make more Wedding Singer references ourselves.

Celese: Usually the opposite! People see our appearance (we dress in the very slimming all black color) and joke that we should be called “Their

ET: How do you 3 know each other?

Mike: I met both Al and Celese in high school. They were part of the cool kids club. Al and I were also in another band for about five years before we started Their Wedding.

Al: I met Celese in high school at our church youth group. I met mike through Celese because they were in chamber singers. We were also in some of the high school theater productions together, but it wasn’t until well after high school that Mike asked me to join The Motel Life, our previous band.

Celese: Mike and I were both in Chamber Choir together in High school. He was a Junior and I was a Senior. Al and I met in Church. He got bored during service and decided to put the girl in front of him hair in his mouth, which was me.

ET: Describe each other in 1 word (Can I have answers from
each if you describing the other 2?)

Mike: Celese=Inspiring

Al: Mike: committed
Celese: bohemian

Celese: Mike=Imaginative

ET: Where do you get inspiration to write music?

Mike: Inspiration can come from anything. I’m an avid reader so a lot of the times I get inspiration from books. Watching live bands play is always something that inspires me. I love going to shows randomly in LA.

Al: Of course listening to music, but also watching documentaries of bands going on tour, making records, or just a video of a show. Also jamming with mike and laying demos down. He inspires me. We’ve been playing together for a while so we know how to motivate and lead each other in the writing and recording process.

Celese: Al and Mike, they have such an understanding of music and an
ambundance of creativity, I have to keep up.

ET: What’s your 5 year plan?

Mike: To meet Baby Haim.

Al: Play a festival. Not exactly a headliner, but just a band with enough steam behind it to find its way into some kind of festival.

Celese: Top 40 radio airplay

Photo by : Courtney Coles
Photos edited by: King Duque


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