As a guest writer for SurprisinglyKitsch, I decided to write about my date with the always fashionable, part time grump and all around bad ass girlfriend of the year (what year?? every year) Marie “Ericke” Tan.

For our anniversary, we decided to have a mini vacation and see what LA has to offer. My beautiful tour guide, took me to a few places like the Grand central market, the last bookstore, the Japanese museum in little Tokyo, the arts district, had some bomb Korean food at POT and topped the date off by drinking ourselves stupid at a few pubs/bars around this fine city… you could say “not too shabby” for my first day back in the city of LA.

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In my travels, LA has easily been one of my favorite places to go to, not just because of the food, the places and the culture.  I always think that you have the best time exploring when you’re with the right people. That’s why I know that I’m very fortunate to have my best friend with me during my stay.


Girlfriend game on point.

Here’s why:

  1. She brought me to a place called “eggslut” for breakfast. (try the fairfax, it’s bomb)
  2. The Line hotel was easily the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in (next post)
  3. Lame jokes all day
  4. We’re both cheap dates. We get easily hammered.
  5. When she orders food, I get to finish both.
  6. Every time I visit her, it’s always a whole new experience.
  7. Never a dull moment with this lady.
  8. Secret handshakes for our gang of 2
  9. Hole in the wall bars with her, turn to one of the best nights ever.
  10. She’s a hugger.
  11. We were both rapping to Kendrick Lamar.
  12. “I need symmetry” is her cutest catchphrase to date.
  13. That smile doe
  14. Her eyebrows are sexy (never thought i’d say that to anyone ever).
  15. She bites and not in a sexy way. Still cute though.
  16. Farts inside the blanket, STILL find her attractive

King’s sexy drunk photos @ Good Times at Davey Waynes:


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing this! It’s been real.

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Stay tuned for part 2 of my weekend with Ericke!


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