Review: Yakson House Pretty Leg Therapy

DSC_0652 I’m so excited to talk about Yakson’s Leg Care Therapy.

I never knew that legs can be misaligned because of little things you do on a daily basis, like crossing your legs, sitting in lotus position and even just not walking correctly can cause your hips to open up, widen your pelvis and make your legs longer than the other. Yakson helped me identify all the problems I developed over the years as well as helped me correct them.

I’m already on my 3rd day of 10 sessions which consists of leg golki, back golki care, hip care and leg care. For 10 Sessions it’s $1,100 but if you just want to try it once it’s $140 a session. I’m more used to massages that knead the tensions and the knots in the muscles. At first, Yakson’s Pretty Leg Care hurt because they essentially push, pull and tug your bones to correct them. It wasn’t until my 3rd session (after walking ALL DAY at FYF, my legs and feet were killing me) that I really felt relief and felt the benefits of the Leg Therapy. Even with just one session, you immediately see results: my butt was lifted, my legs were longer and felt lighter. I suggest going more than once to really get better results and making it more worth it.

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PLC process

  1. They direct you to your locker to change, they provide clothing to use for the whole massage
  2. Then Hena took photos of my legs, front and back
  3. She showed me photos of my legs, and pin pointed my problem areas
  4. See photo above for the Therapy process (this takes about 40 mins)
  5. After the massage, Hena teaches me the right way to walk which only takes about 5 minutes

Yakson is located all over the world, they have branches in Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, New York and Los Angeles. Their programs consist of everything from Facial Care to Body Care. They also have special treatments for Brides, Grooms, Maternal Care and Postnatal Care. The best thing about Yakson is that they don’t just focus on aesthetics, but more so their customers health.

For more information you can visit or call Yakson House at:

2560 W Olympic Blvd
Ste 102
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 387-7900


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