Dilemma: Purple Colored Hair

Since Fall 2013 I’ve been considering dying my hair pastel purple. I thought it would be the ultimate sexy man repeller that will make any outfit I wear look edgy. Sweatpants, Nike frees and a white shirt: basic bitch. But with purple hair? Edgy-That-Doesnt-Give-A-Fuck.

Just as I waited too long to buy a pair of jogger pants, I think I procrastinated way too long to dye my hair. My coworker Greg is out sick today because of a sciatic nerve injury of some sort. As he sits on his bed with his smart phone in hand, killing time, instastalking relaxing, he has been tagging me on photos of Asian girls with multicolored hair. I realized, I have hit the end of a trend. If I dye my hair now I will look like every other surfbort Beyonced out azn’s 😦 The edgy look is now basic. And the Normal look is now Edgy. But is wanting to be Normal…for the sake of being edgy…edgy?

King, my boyfriend begs wants me to dye my hair purple. He says I will look very hot with it. But is he excited with how I will look? or how the purple hair makes me look. The purple hair gives out an illusion, that he is going out with a certain type of chick.

Greg points out that everyone now is basic, so we should just be us. Me being me, if I want to dye my hair candy colored I should still do it and not to compare myself to instafamous people (my friend is very supportive of my fashion choices).

Still thinking about it. I thought writing it all down would help me decide. It just made me even more confused.

Speaking of hair challenges, please help my friend Carol (model in the photo) and her hairstylist Vu Nguyen win the favorite beachy hair challenge by Salon Magazine. Candy colored hair and a wavy bob, deserves your vote 😉


One thought on “Dilemma: Purple Colored Hair

  1. I am in the same boat as you as I wanted to dye my hair purple as well for quite some time. I believe the trend has hit me a little too late in my life though. I am in an office job…where purple hair will definitely stand out and probably not in a good way that would foster promotions. I am also 25 and turning 26 and I feel the time has come to a close where I can get away with “unnatural” coloured hair.

    But I definitely think that you should go for it! Not because it is trendy or ending as a trend but because it would look good on you. Because it suits your personality. and most importantly because because you want it! 🙂

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