VNCVR to LSNGLS part.2


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So part 2 of my weekend with Ericke was cool shit. Part of the anniversary celebration was a weekend at the Line hotel down at K-town.

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Los Angeles givin us some K-town love.


The next two days, we pre-gamed @ Pot for some Korean bbq then went to the Made In America festival for our 2 day date. I have to say, It was awesome since I haven’t been to music festivals since the warped tour.

I died when I saw Chance the rapper.

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After two days of our date that included dancing, drinking, walking, losing wallets and loud music. We went back and kicked it in the hotel where bad jokes and farting in the blanket was the name of the game. Good times.

All in all, I think that we kicked off our first anniversary in the best way possible. Thanks to my amazing girlfriend for making everything we do so entertaining, fun and memorable. Here’s to us and more years together.

I love you.

 IMG_9005“my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.’ -Jeff Buckley

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