dots and dashes


[sunglasses: rayban, faux fur vest: the ramp, top: rampage, belt, shorts: folded and hung, boots: forever 21]

So it’s starting to warm up in Los Angeles, and I couldn’t be happier!!! I’m used to my sunny, tropical weather and the cold was just not working for me. I’ve just been having a Postal Service kind of week ^_^ and I hope you guys are having a great one too.


If it was chillier, I’d wear a pair of faded denim jeans with this outfit instead, but if it was night time, I’d wear a pair of black opaque tights under my shorts. P1090263 P1090247 P1090246

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tomorrow comes today


[military coat: u.s. army, sequin top: forever 21, belt: designerati, shorts: folded and hung, sling bag: topshop, slouchy boots]

First outfit post from LA!! I can’t believe I’m back here, it feels so surreal.

One thing I love about living in California is the weather, it’s never TOO cold. You can still get away with a coat and the tiniest shorts without looking silly. I’ve been looking for an oversized military jacket and I found this at a thriftstore in Ilocos, authentic from the US Army, pretty cool huh?


P1090065 P1090068 P1090071

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My cousins took me to Chocolatier in Jupiter St before heading to the airport, their Ferrero concoctions are sinfully to die for!!598935_4824502083817_1598816812_n

LA bound.

run this town


[crochet tunic: thrifted, vintage sling bag: gucci, earrings: gift from my sister, bangles: everywhere, ysl inspired artsy ring: designers overstock, heel: parisian]

Started this day with a photoshoot for Éblouissant by Dei Cimatu accessories, then headed out to La Tabacalera with my friends for the opening of Lacasa. La Tabacalera is a two-story commercial complex cooked up by the provincial government lead by Manang Imee that houses various businesses including this new retail store.PhotobucketPhotobucket


Lacasa is where Ilocano products like bags and gowns are showcased for a more upscale market, it also carries brands Folded and Hung, Jellybean, Karimadon and Wade shoes among others.PhotobucketPhotobucketAmong the displays are Imelda’s famous “Imeldific” photos by Steve Tirona

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketJaynny Lao with one of our very own Amor Albano’s creations.


the cutest little girl ever! Julia Farinas was one of the models for a shoot I styled last week, and I couldn’t get enough of her!!PhotobucketPhotobucket

ph: Ronan Domingo

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

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seeing stars


[leopard top: some store at melrose, dress worn as skirt: folded and hung, belt: topshop, sling bag: topshop, sunglasses: urban outfitters, clogs: thrifted, pyramid cuffs: red dot, giant bee ring: forever 21, earrings, forever 21] 

Here’s one way you can wear print on print. Pink leopard print and multicolored stars, print on print…on print if you count my floral print sunglasses!

I’ve always wanted a star print dress or top a la Chanel. I got this star print dress which I wore as a skirt from Folded and Hung a few years ago, it’s a simple sundress with an empire cut. It looks way better as a skirt 🙂


ph: Ivon Domingo

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beating heart baby

[my sisters top: folded and hung, mullet skirt: style district, cluster of bones necklace:, bendable ring: wagw, ear cuff: sugar & spice, clutch: louis vuitton, wedges: das]

This is what I wore to the Mr. and Ms. University at Mariano Marcos State University Batac. I was so excited to be one of the judges! The contestants were  so pretty and so tall too! Will post pictures from the pageant next time.

My gorgeous OS cluster of bones necklace and my fabulous pink wedges from Das make its debut!

ph: vince c.


One of my three dates, Vince!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did on your 11.11.11…


flying over seas, no time to feel the breeze


[boyfriend blazer: mango, band shirt: street beat boutique, shorts: folded and hung, leg chain, robot keychain: prada, booties: pill footwear]

The first ever huge concert I went to was The Strokes at The Wiltern on my 15th birthday. I was in love with Fabrizio Moretti back then. I bought this cute shirt that had the band’s name written across the chest. I had to get it in red even if I wanted the blue one because they only had red left for that design.

These were probably the crappiest concert seats I’ve ever bought in my entire life but god was that an amazing show!

Well, going back to the shirt…I lost it =( I seriously can’t find it and I get sad just talking about it. Good thing I got this awesome Strokes shirt with the cover of their new album Angles in black and white. It totally fills the void!


We had Dinakdakan and Paksiw for lunch! Dinakdakan is an Ilocano grilled pig head/face dish, somewhat similar to sisig. Yummy right?? =p


you got my head spinnin’

These were taken in Sta. Monica Church, Sarrat, Ilocos Norte.

There are so many beautiful  places in Ilocos Norte, I haven’t even shown you half of it…..=)

[top: babo, vest: topshop, harem pants: folded and hung, murakami belt: louis vuitton, heels]

ph: ivon domingo

My picks from those that didn’t make Ivon’s cut…

Im three shots deep and I aint tryna sleep

Picture 308

[leopard blazer: undernourished manila, flower necklace, top: plains and prints, shorts: folded and hung, bag: vintage dior, peep toes]

Partying on the night of Dec 25th in my Tina Braganza leopard blazer. This is probably by far THEE best Christmas I’ve ever had.

Picture 314
Picture 265
Picture 257
Picture 263
Picture 262

Picture 289

I’ve always wondered how its like dancing on a pole? …with a pole? Iunno how you really say it because “pole dancing” is different from dancing by just merely holding onto a pole. But anyway, right before closing time when people started going out of the club my girlfriends and I took the chance to dance on the ledge, since we practically had the bar to ourselves. Thank you jose cuervo.

Picture 292
Picture 291
Picture 295
Picture 302
Picture 310
Picture 328
Picture 330

Picture 224 Few days before Christmas, I got invited to my boyfriend’s brother’s company christmas party with a western theme.

Picture 221
Picture 230
Picture 217
Picture 248
Picture 250

the most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet


[aviators: mango, earrings: aldo accessories, floral crop top, belt: vintage, pants: folded and hung, yellow flower ring: pinkbox, tote bag & scarf: louis vuitton, heels, matthews]

I found the cutest pair of pants at Folded and Hung, I’m not sure how much but I remember saying it was a steal! Lol.

Lanvin for H&M. Excited! I remember having mixed feelings when they opened Forever21 in the Philippines, I don’t know how I will feel when they open H&M. I get greedy like that. Hahah. But its not like I can afford to go to HongKong or US or wherever just for shopping so hrmmmm…… I guess I have to suck it up. H&M is better than no H&M!

I have to disagree SNL: “The shapely fit that says you’re a mom, not a woman.”

[sunglasses: folded and hung, necklace: dior, watercolor print dress used as top: plains and prints, mom jeans, web bracelet: incezaxe, watch: cartier, buckled heels: balenciaga]

Okay I want a lighter pair of mom jeans, its hard to find a pair that fits snug by the waist and loose in the bottom. With the wrong position this pair isn’t very flattering. Hahah. but whatever I love’em!

These Balenciaga babies are oldies but goodies, way before the whole gladiator thing started. I’ve been trying to look for the picture of Kate Moss wearing the same pair but no luck.