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If you follow me on instagram, you know I’ve been sporting some pretty bad ass accessories recently, these are all from Viva La Manika – an accessories line from the Philippines that literally make “art” wearable. VLM interviewed me as their Manika of the Month. Here’s a snippet of the Q & A.

Did you enjoy your stay here?
I grew up in the Philippines, and my whole family is there. Going back to Ilocos is always exciting because everything is there. There’s sand boarding, surfing, white sand beaches, hiking and every other thing you can imagine Momma Nature can offer. Plus I really REALLY missed my longganissa, chicharon, mangga with bagoong and tocino. Haha!
What do you love most about blogging?
 I love having the opportunity to talk to other people who share the same interests as I do, let it be through my readers, or my fellow bloggers. I have met so many amazing people through blogging, and even made friendships out of it.
What do you think were you in your past life?
A mermaid, or a tranny, or a tranny mermaid.
If your personal style were a song, what track would it be?
Azealia Banks’ 212, makes me feel like such a boss b!tch every time!
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shuffle a dream

LA-PAZ-090 LA-PAZ-095 LA-PAZ-098 LA-PAZ-099

LA-PAZ-134 LA-PAZ-101 LA-PAZ-114 LA-PAZ-137LA-PAZ-169 LA-PAZ-174 LA-PAZ-181




[top: forever 21, body chain: diy, cut offs: bershka, flats: urban outfitters]

photos: Ivon Domingo

I’m usually uncomfortable having my pictures taken by other people because I have weird features, or at least I feel like I do. So far, when it comes to having my picture taken, aside from my mom and a tripod, I can only trust my soul sister Ivon. So, for my short trip to the Philippines Ivon and I did a super quick photo shoot after horse back riding and sand boarding in Brgy. Talingaan, La Paz. Here’s the first of two sets ^_^

MYOH Ilocos 2013

 photo 603840_646501038708914_1626172654_n_zpsd444af85.jpg

So excited for the exclusive Sand Boarding pins!!!! Represent the sand boarding capital of the Philippines and give your Havaianas some love 🙂 The only extreme sport in the entire country, unique in Ilocos!

Save the date adventure heads, boardsport freaks and adrenaline fiends!! Don’t leave the Havaianas tent without a sand boarding pin!

LEAD Movement FTW!!

big distraction


[top: cotton on, belt: designerIT, skirt: copper, flats: suelas]

It’s February 1 and it’s the beginning of Laoag’s Pamulinawen Fiesta. This is the time when they clear up Laoag’s main street, Rizal St. for never ending parades all month of Feb.P1090058

page23P1090048Happy Fiesta Laoag! Til we meet again 🙂

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can’t touch this


[lace top: topshop, belt: guess, pants: grab, beaded purse, ring: aldo, heels: villains sf]

I’ve been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans within my budget, with not much luck. Then I took a cue from, in my opinion Manila’s chicest fashion blogger, Kookie Buhain. Her advise was to look for a pair of skinny jeans in a bigger size. So I rummaged through my mom’s stack of old pants and found this pair (she wears a size 28, I’m a 26). Finalleh!!! I have a pair of boyfriend jeans!! Or should I say mommy-boyfriend-jeans!P1090035P1090019




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unobstructed views

P1080934[pink and gold necklace: red dot, neon necklace: extreme finds, top: h&m, sunglasses: cotton on, pyramid cuff: gift from a friend, belt: guess, pants: romwe, flats: suelas]

Here’s an outfit idea for work or for school. I know how much you guys probably hate dress codes because it limits your options 🙂 So if you’re not allowed to show some leg but want to stand out among a sea of denim jeans, try a printed pair of pants or something in a bold color. Don’t try to be a hero and wear heels for the whole day running around campus or in the office, nobody wants to have sore feet!! Invest in a pair of comfortable flats in a basic color so you can pair them with anything. You will end up with something comfortable, stylish yet still something that makes you pop out!



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just creepin’ on the downlow


[polarized sunnies: cotton on, earrings: asos, midriff: romwe, skirt: thrifted, clutch: red dot, databank watch: casio, gifted sandals: villains sf]

Midriffs remind me of two things I love: the Nineties, and Sex and the City.





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sex and the city

Take it from the girls of Sex and the City, belly-baring tops can work its way in to your wardrobe in all shapes and forms.90s

Midriffs from a few of my favorite babes in the 90’s: (L-R) Alicia Silverstone – Queen Cher herself; Drew Barrymore, Post Poison Ivy but still in the middle of her rebellious teenage ways; Kate Moss in all her waify glory; Versace Super Models; Gwen Stefani and her prerequisite crop tops; T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili ♥

split second


[sunglasses: urban outfitters, borrowed earrings: h&m, top: wagw, bag: topshop, watch: casio, skirt: style staple, boots: tonic]

Slinky long skirts that hug you in the right places don’t always have to look formal or like you’re about to receive a Grammy. I like to pair this sexy, long skirt with a thigh high split, with tank tops and a pair of flats or sneakers to give it a more down to earth sex appeal ^_^

Yes, thigh high splits, for a lazy uneventful day. Doable.


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brand new day


[top: romwe, sunglasses: cotton on, borrowed earrings: h&m, studded shorts: diy, gifted sandals: villains sf]

Spent the first day of 2013 with my family by the beach. None of us went swimming tho cause the waves looked pretty rough. Good thing I brought a pair of heels with me and two outfits, haha! I knew we were going straight to dinner after so I came prepared. There was no place to change, so like the OG beach girl that I am, I changed by the car, putting skirts and sarongs over me. Heard a few people whispering after, amazed that I can change clothes in public o.0


The best gift I received this Christmas makes its blog debut. It makes everything look soo good!!! Thank you kind sir 😉

P1080886Since this is my first blog post of the year,  I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to view my little blog 🙂 Big big changes will happen for me this 2013 and I hope I will always have you guys to share every moment with.

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