in a tidal wave of mystery

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[bowler hat, dress: romwe, sunglasses: asos, lipstick: dubonnet from mac, purse: vintage dior, triangle lace bra: bench, heels: zara]

I own too many white clothes, I love white dresses and white tops. I always feel prettiest when I’m wearing something white and flowy for some reason. This is one of my favorite dresses from Romwe, it’s so light, it doesn’t take up space when I’m travelling. It’s also very easy to dress up or down with the right accessories and the right pair of shoes. Plus, the cut out detail adds a little something to not make it look like a maternity dress :p

Do you guys have any dresses you over use and abuse?

DSC_0317 DSC_0320photos: Jason Hermosa

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call it what you want




[sunglasses: zara, shorts: romwe, horn necklace: enlightened goddess from hamptons heartbreak, shell necklace: melrose trading post, beaded purse: vintage, flats: urban outfitters]

I feel like I’m in that awkward stage between feeling like I know what I want and really having no clue of what I’m doing and where I’m going, or maybe what I really want is to go along for the ride. Maybe I do know what I want, which is right now, to stay afloat.

For now I will stay suspended in the surface.


Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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[sunglasses: ray ban, top: h&m, skirt: romwe, heels: prabal gurung for target]

I went to my very first bat mitzvah and I had no idea what guests are supposed to wear. Since I only brought party dresses with me that are either too short, too tight or too much of both, I was only able to put together a skirt and top for the event. Good thing my skirt came right on time! But I don’t even know what I was worried about, everyone else was wearing regular party clothes! Got some compliments for my shoes and skirt too ^_^
P1090159 P1090162 P1090164 P1090167 P1090168

photos by Samantha Jackson

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can’t touch this


[lace top: topshop, belt: guess, pants: grab, beaded purse, ring: aldo, heels: villains sf]

I’ve been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans within my budget, with not much luck. Then I took a cue from, in my opinion Manila’s chicest fashion blogger, Kookie Buhain. Her advise was to look for a pair of skinny jeans in a bigger size. So I rummaged through my mom’s stack of old pants and found this pair (she wears a size 28, I’m a 26). Finalleh!!! I have a pair of boyfriend jeans!! Or should I say mommy-boyfriend-jeans!P1090035P1090019




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blister in the sun

Nars’ Schiap is my new favorite lipstick shade! You guys know how much I love a splash of pink here and there 🙂 It’s a few shades darker and more matte than MAC’s Pink Nouveau, it’s deliciously Barbie-like.

[round glasses: ray ban, lipstick: nars schiap, top: incez axe, leather shorts: thrifted, vintage sling bag: gucci, leopard cuff: aldo, pink cuff: blingfinds, ring: bijoux de lou, flats: topshop]

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This bag is as old as me. My mom bought it at Rustan’s after I was born, or so she says. I’m very lucky my mom has really good taste and doesn’t buy expensive tacky things that are only good as it is on trend and become something you would never wear after one season.

These leather shorts are from an Ukay Ukay (thrift store) near my house, it was at the 8 for 100 pesos rack can you believe it???!!!! It just has a few tiny scratches in front but it’s so cuuute!! I will write a post about my purchases that day next time.

ph: ivon domingo

challenge accepted!


[lace tunic: forever 21, tutu skirt: amour manila, denim vest: thrifted, wedges: parisian, clutch: tomato]

Yes there are times when underwear is acceptable to wear as outerwear =)


I did my own version of a 30 days 30 ways challenge where I chose 30 items of clothing including shoes to mix and match for 30 days.  Today is my last day. Here is a breakdown of all the items I wore for 30 days:

  1. button down shirt from promod
  2. tutu skirt from amour manila
  3. ivory heels
  4. mom shorts
  5. top from plains and prints
  6. jacket from the ramp
  7. denim vest
  8. brogues from reddot
  9. lace tunic from forever 21
  10. leather pants from topshop
  11. black studded heels
  12. paper bag shorts from undernourished manila
  13. top with ribbon bows from robinson’s departement store
  14. leopard top from pink manila
  15. black wedges from parisian: sm department store
  16. white top from plains and prints
  17. trousers from zoo
  18. flats from forever 21
  19. thrifted yellow top
  20. thrifted midi skirt
  21. denim button down from the ramp
  22. ikat print tunic from forever 21
  23. gold flats from forever 21
  24. bandeau from people are people
  25. thrifted maxi skirt
  26. floral skirt from just g
  27. corset: forever 21
  28. thrifted pink trousers
  29. thrifted pleated skirt
  30. denim shorts from folded and hung

My purpose for doing the challenge was to show my ways of maximizing the use of clothes without breaking the bank because we don’t have to buy new clothes to feel like we have a whole new different wardrobe.

here are a few tricks:

  • accessorize – invest in bold accessories, they give just the punch you need to a boring old shirt!
  • something borrowed – trust me, no matter how different your styles maybe, there are always nice things you can find in your mom or sister’s closet
  • multi ways – not everything is what it seems. A skirt is not just a skirt anymore, wear a long skirt as a dress, or wear a dress as a top, you can also use a scarf as a cover up.
  • layering – layering clothes is a convinient trick to cheat your way into looking like you’re wearing something new and different.
  • knots – tie a shirt in the middle,on the side side or even knot it in the back. You will automatically have a fitted or a midriff top.
  • underwear as outerwear – corsets can be worn as tube tops. Bras and bikini tops can be worn as bandeau’s peeping out of your blouse or button down shirt. Do it a la Material Girl.
There are other bazillion ways to look like you just bought a whole new wardrobe, you just need to be more creative, to think outside the box and to not always settle on making spontaneous splurges =)

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without [day 25]


My mom got invited to judge a poster making contest and a fashion show at Mariano Marcos State University – Batac. I went with her since I didn’t have work today. Incidentally, they were missing another judge for the fashion show so I was randomly chosen to join the panel of judges. The fashion show was all about using recycled materials. I was so amazed when I saw the creations because they were made with such creativity by the students. Plus the promotion of recycling made me and mommy Blauearth very happy.


If they made her wear a white bondage skirt or something, I think this would have won. I like the idea of the paper plates used. It was very avant-garde, reminded me so much of Lady Gaga. The designer did such a good job on the corset too but those jeans and that belt just did not work.


I really liked this one, it seemed really wearable. The way the designer weaved the top like a banig was really nice and probably took a lot of time and effort. The fringy effect of the lower half of the dress was so on trend too… Wish she had better accessories to go with the lovely dress. But I would really wear this dress, would love to have it in gold.


In the end, the juice pack dress won. She actually had the best styling. Plus the model’s personality seemed to really fit the dress. I know my picture sucks and you can’t see much of the details but this is all I got. I couldnt even take a good picture of the 4th entry. I really need to get a zoom lens soon! All in all, the MMSU tourism students did such an amazing job, plus congratulations to Northwestern University for placing 1st on the fashion show! Thank you so much for having me 🙂


[top: forever 21, maxi skirt: thrifted, aviators: mango, scapula necklace: os-accessories, sling bag: louis vuitton]


challenge accepted! day 19



[lace tunic: forever 21, jacket: the ramp, feather earring: maris online, canvas bag, wedges: parisian]

I will give these wedges a rest after the 30 days, I promise! Taking pictures for blog posts gets really annoying sometimes. You have to stand there by yourself, do a little pose and what not and people who pass you by think you’re weird, funny or narcissistic for whatever it is you’re doing. Living in the province doesn’t make it any easier either because clothes out of the everyday shorts and havaianas flip flops is already eye catching enough.


half way through the challenge! day 15


[earrings: aldo accessories, giant wayfs, lace tunic: forever 21, paperbag shorts: undernourished manila, floral sling bag: thrifted, brogues: reddot]

Today is my 15th day of the challenge, which means I’m half way back to wearing whatever clothes again! Just so I can keep you up to speed, I thought I should break down the pieces I’ve been wearing for the past 15 days.

  1. button down shirt from promod
  2. tutu skirt from amour manila
  3. ivory heels
  4. mom shorts
  5. top from plains and prints
  6. jacket from the ramp
  7. denim vest
  8. brogues from reddot
  9. lace tunic from forever 21
  10. leather pants from topshop
  11. black studded heels
  12. paper bag shorts from undernourished manila
  13. top with ribbon bows from robinson’s departement store
  14. leopard top from pink manila
  15. black wedges from parisian: sm department store
  16. white top from plains and prints
  17. trousers from zoo
  18. flats from forever 21
  19. thrifted yellow top
  20. thrifted midi skirt
  21. denim button down from the ramp
  22. ikat print tunic from forever 21
  23. gold flats from forever 21
  24. bandeau from people are people