dots and dashes


[sunglasses: rayban, faux fur vest: the ramp, top: rampage, belt, shorts: folded and hung, boots: forever 21]

So it’s starting to warm up in Los Angeles, and I couldn’t be happier!!! I’m used to my sunny, tropical weather and the cold was just not working for me. I’ve just been having a Postal Service kind of week ^_^ and I hope you guys are having a great one too.


If it was chillier, I’d wear a pair of faded denim jeans with this outfit instead, but if it was night time, I’d wear a pair of black opaque tights under my shorts. P1090263 P1090247 P1090246

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tomorrow comes today


[military coat: u.s. army, sequin top: forever 21, belt: designerati, shorts: folded and hung, sling bag: topshop, slouchy boots]

First outfit post from LA!! I can’t believe I’m back here, it feels so surreal.

One thing I love about living in California is the weather, it’s never TOO cold. You can still get away with a coat and the tiniest shorts without looking silly. I’ve been looking for an oversized military jacket and I found this at a thriftstore in Ilocos, authentic from the US Army, pretty cool huh?


P1090065 P1090068 P1090071

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My cousins took me to Chocolatier in Jupiter St before heading to the airport, their Ferrero concoctions are sinfully to die for!!598935_4824502083817_1598816812_n

LA bound.