tomorrow comes today


[military coat: u.s. army, sequin top: forever 21, belt: designerati, shorts: folded and hung, sling bag: topshop, slouchy boots]

First outfit post from LA!! I can’t believe I’m back here, it feels so surreal.

One thing I love about living in California is the weather, it’s never TOO cold. You can still get away with a coat and the tiniest shorts without looking silly. I’ve been looking for an oversized military jacket and I found this at a thriftstore in Ilocos, authentic from the US Army, pretty cool huh?


P1090065 P1090068 P1090071

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My cousins took me to Chocolatier in Jupiter St before heading to the airport, their Ferrero concoctions are sinfully to die for!!598935_4824502083817_1598816812_n

LA bound.


here’s to the night


My friends and I usually have about 2-3 parties every year for the past 5 years, most of which were spent at my dad’s vacant lot. What usually consists of about 10-15 people is always a blast with water gun fights, bubbles, beer pong and inflatable pools. For what will probably be the last time in a very long time, my friends threw me a send off party, and this time I wanted it to be different. I asked my grandmama if I could have the party at our family house and she let me with no hesitation! We had all 3 floors and 2 houses to ourselves.

If you’re a real Filipino 90’s baby you know what these goodies are ^_^


I actually didn’t plan on having a send off party since it’s not like I’m never coming back, plus I spent all of my money on new lenses for my glasses, my cavities, getting my watch an over haul, my bills, my applications and just all on necessary things a semi-grown-up would take care of before going on a long trip. But my best friends and boyfriend insisted, we all pitched in, got a band, had few of our friends come home for the weekend, and got together a few of the people we know. This really wasn’t a send off party, it was more of a last get together.184789_3749539595707_1074040368_npage902

No era like the 90’s for this generation! The feel of the party was perfect, the band was playing hits from the 90’s til dawn, everyone was dressed in grungy plaid, high waist-ed bottoms, midriffs, denims and body cons. It felt like we were transported back to the years when all we needed were nutri stars, haw haw and pogs while watching Rugrats and All That.page906





Bjorn came up with a “message to Ericke” portion that got me overwhelmed, tongue tied and in tears. We were all caught off guard and delivered speeches that each of us felt like was a little less than what we could have come up with if we came prepared…and sober. Haha!! But in between the “uhms”, the long-teary-eye-to-eye pauses, the sobs, and the shrieks, trust me when I say I know what you meant 🙂 and I cannot thank you enough for the well wishes…and the embarrassing trips down memory lane 😉29555_3749672359026_2060267080_n

For some reason, I still haven’t felt the sadness you’re supposed to feel when you leave. Maybe it’s because I know that me being away will only differ in time zones, that no matter how many people I meet, no matter where life takes me, one way or another, you will always have the people you go home to.


To my girls, to quote Ty from “Clueless”: Shit you guys, I’ve never had straight friends before!

I used to think girls were just catty, prissy bitches but you proved me wrong 🙂 Well not really, we ARE pretty catty, and we are known to be pretty bad ass bitches, haha! But thank you for being the catty, funny, lovable, understanding, feisty, spontaneous, strong and caring bitches that you all are, wouldn’t have it any other way.


You know it was epic when you get complaints from neighbors, have people passed out in couches and pissed off some girlfriends or boyfriends ;D58213_3749533475554_241377347_n