split second


[sunglasses: urban outfitters, borrowed earrings: h&m, top: wagw, bag: topshop, watch: casio, skirt: style staple, boots: tonic]

Slinky long skirts that hug you in the right places don’t always have to look formal or like you’re about to receive a Grammy. I like to pair this sexy, long skirt with a thigh high split, with tank tops and a pair of flats or sneakers to give it a more down to earth sex appeal ^_^

Yes, thigh high splits, for a lazy uneventful day. Doable.


P1080851You can also hype this look on lookbook.nu by clicking on this link 🙂


birthday beer pong

I wasn’t supposed to celebrate my birthday this year. My original plan was to have a quiet dinner with my family. My friend Alex and I were able to pull off a last minute beer pong party at my dad’s old car wash.

My boyfriend surprised me with a cake too 🙂

Look at that happy face! It’s not always cute to have your birthday on the day of fools. “Happy birthday you april fool”, “Happy birthday ya big joke” aren’t the most fun greetings in the english language but I like my birthday. April 1 has a lot of character :p

Got our balls wet!! :p

Party ended like at 5 in the morning and my head still hurts 2 days after but it was well worth it 🙂 Thanks to everyone who came!!
Ivon, you were there in spirit :p (photo actually taken in B-side)